Real Time Migrations


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Precise solutions : Transformation Targets from Brick-to-Mortar to B2B or Legacy to state-of-art appear distant dream due to deterring factors
 - cost, complexity and competition. So targets remain targets year after year and business remains
stagnant. Can we say that this is the reason of lack of innovation and low rate of inventions observed in certain areas in specific countries? Even though an Industry

attempts to take a giant step ahead, somewhere in between it gets lost due to technical snags it develops in the transition. Elsewhere, it is observed that once the solution was delivered, it was not in-line with Entrepreneur's line-of-business.

 Countless times Business observed that they ended-up in buying the solution which didn’t match with what they envisioned. There were operational gaps, process gaps and resource gaps. They ended up in customizing themselves rather than working with customized Applications. The Organizations discover to their dismay that they finished-up in paying on what they did not need and had their profitability affected.


 Real Apps Migrations attempts to plug those gaps by achieving actual application migration to target platforms with least deviation. The Object is to limit the deviation to near zero.

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