Why Migrations? 


A successful business, over the time, outgrows its capacity of Production. Service Industry can continue to provide quality service only if it automates its processes. Manufacturing Industry needs to migrate to new standards in Technological Advancements. To flourish in the market, acceleration in Industrial growth should match the acceleration in Technological Upgrades.


Moreover, maintaining obsolete Technology is a challenge. Industry must migrate its processes to tap the technological advancements. It is expensive for any business to maintain and manage legacy systems. The challenges are greater if it involves key areas of operations. Imagine a Travel Industry maintaining its systems on character based applications on host-based systems.

The sooner we migrate; the better is our chances of survival, growth and success.

Often business needs to migrate its existing processes to a new platform. They do not want downtime, costly and painful switchovers and complex deviations from existing operational standards. Any company would be having serious pressures to meet its Business commitments. So obviously they cannot afford to have serious technical snags accompanying Transitions or nasty downtimes which can result in loss of customers or business. There are also other risks involved like operational risk and reputational risks.

Thus, the process of Application Migration is prone to serious challenges. If not handled professionally, it could produce undesired results.


Real Apps Migrations

With decades of experience in handling migrations, Real Apps Migrations provide the exact migration solutions. Offering guaranteed low and near zero downtime switchovers, drastically improved performance and reduced TCO, our solutions also accompany with near zero deviations.


Other highlights of our solutions are:

  • Low Vendor dependence
  • Low cost robust solutions
  • High performance systems
  • Quality service in timely manner

... and thats not all...

Future technology





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